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This is my Classroom: By Amy Moser


Connecting in Christchurch: By Rachel Gerwig

Why Not? : By Anthony Zamora

Otago 1

It’s the 16th of February. Day one off of the plane, I look around and things are already different from what I know at home. The Kiwi accents, people driving on the left side of the road, warm weather in February..it’s a whole new world to me… Full Post

I Forgot to Pack my Comfort Zone: By Will Hoover


“Step outside your comfort zone” is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot, from trying new food to public speaking to (especially) studying abroad. Before I studied abroad, I thought I had stretched my comfort zone till there wasn’t much room to step outside of it anymore… Full Post

Lack Of Black: By Daniel Solway


I staggered in bursts

When I first learned to drive

My step-father brought me… Full Post

Betsy: By Daniel Solway

Navigating New Zealand: By Anthony Zamora


Divine: by Daniel Solway


For two weeks in November, while I was traveling by myself, I stayed in Renwick, right outside Blenheim, the center of South Island wine country. I stayed on a small vineyard owned by Janet and Brent Nicholson. In exchange for a room and …. Full Post